June 21, 2011: Andy Yun and Malte Gather go live on CNN.

Scientists Create Laser With Mirrors and a CellRead more, New York Times article

Laser is produced by a living cellRead more

Scientists Combine Human Cell, Jellyfish Into Living LaserRead more

Scientists turn cells into lasersRead more

Human cell becomes living laserRead more Link to Article


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“A Living Laser” Read more

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“Physicists create a living laser” Read more

“Scientists Create A Living Laser” Read more

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World's first 'living laser” Read more

Sep 21, 2011: Interview on our recent Cover Art in Biophysical Journal. Read article

Our cell laser work has been selected as

Top 10 Breakthrough in Physics in 2011. Read article

Nature’s The Year in Science, Top 10 News: Readers’ Choice. Read article

Jan 21, 2012: Dr. Yun spoke at the Plenary session of BIOS Photonics West. View

Nov , 2012: Our cell laser work appears in the Special Issue of a Celebration of Science at MGH (200th year anniversary). View

Dec 31, 2012: Our “Living laser” is listed in Guinness World Record Book 2013.

June , 2012: Dr. Yun’s patent on Optical Coherence Tomography was listed in the finalists for the Boston’s Invented Here Award given by the Museum of Science in Boston.

Oct 20, 2013: The Scientist “Cells communicate with LightRead more

Oct 21, 2013: Physics.org “Light-activated medical implantsRead more

Oct 22, 2013: The HMS News “Talking With Light” Read more

Oct 20, 2013: Discovery News “Forget Shots” Read more

Oct 22, 2013: SBS TV, Morning Wide (Korean)

Jan 22, 2012: YTN TV (Korean) View


Jan 23, 2012: YTN TV (Korean) View

Oct 20, 2013: Chosun Ilbo (Korean), Front page news

Oct 22, 2013: MGH News Release “Talking With Light” Read more

February, 2012: Dr. Scarcelli’s work in IOVS is featured in “Another Piece of the Refractive-Surgery Puzzle Solved?”, INSIGHT. Read

Jan 1, 2014: KBS TV, 2014 New-Year Special

Nov 15, 2014: Two of our former postdocs, Prof. Malte Gather and Prof. Sedat Nizamoglu, are among 300 recipients of European Research Council Starting Grants in 2014, the most prestigious grant for young faculty members for all disciplines in all countries in Europe.

Dec 8, 2014: Physics.org  “Solid-state proteins maximize the intensity of fluorescent-protein-based lasers” Read more


April 30, 2015: Optics.org  “Scientist observe living taste cells in action” Read more


April 22, 2015: Physics.org  “Scientists watch living taste cells in action” Read more


April 26, 2015: CNET Magazine “This is what tasting looks like” Read more


July 27, 2015: Smithsonian “Living cells armed with tiny lasers may help fight disease” Read


June 11, 2015: “Fiber optics goes biocompatible and implantable” Read


July 27, 2015: “Tiny 'cellular lasers' could aid targeted cancer treatments” Read


July 27, 2015: “Making Pig Fat into a Laser” Read


July 27, 2015: “Scientists Are Making Lasers Out Of Pig Fat” Read


July 28, 2015: “Using pig skin, Harvard team shows that living cells can make lasers” Read


July 28, 2015: “The Scientist Image of the Day: Lipid Lasers” Read


July 29, 2015: Science Daily “Intracellular microlasers could allow precise labeling of a trillion individual cells” Read


August 4, 2015: Optics.org “Stand-alone cell lasers promise new class of medical devices” Read


July 27, 2015: “Intracellular Microlasers” Link


May 4, 2015: OSA “New Method Could Offer More Precise Treatment for Corneal Disease” Read


May 5, 2016: Optometry Today “Let there be light: laser technique used in manufacturing could offer safer keratoconus treatment” Read


May 5, 2016: Boston Herald “MGH eyeing lasers to treat cornea disease”  Read 

May 9, 2016: Photonics Magazine “Two-Photon Collagen Crosslinking Demonstrated for Cornea Repair” Read


June 14, 2016: The Ophthalmologist “2P-CXL: the Final Frontier?” ” Read


Dec 9, 2016: Our work in photochemical tissue bonding is featured in a new TV series ‘White Rabbit Project’ in Neflix, Episode 8.


Nov 4, 2016: Physical  Review Letters Focus “Tiny lasers could create high-resolution images” Read


Oct 17, 2016: MIT Today’s Spotlight “Stretchy optics” Read

Oct 24, 2016: Photonics Online “Stretchy optical fibers could sense disease” Read


Oct 18, 2016: Newsweek “Stretchy optical fibers implanted in your body could sense disease” Read


Oct 19, 2016: Optics & Photonics News “Biocompatible, bendy optical fibers” Read


Oct 19, 2016: Optics.org “Hydrogel optical fibers could reveal first signs of disease” Read


Nov 4, 2016: MIT News “Laser particles could provide sharper images of tissues” Read


Nov 18, 2016: Nature Research Highlights “Nanolasers for precision imaging” Read


Oct 19 , 2017: Biocompatible, bendy optical fibers, in OSA Optics & Photonics News, 2017 January issue. Read


June 17-22, 2018: Our lab help launching the inaugural GRC conference.

March, 2017: The Ophthalmologist magazine featured an article “The Hubble Telescope of the Eye” which our work on Brillouin microscopy was cited. Read


Oct 17, 2018: OSA “New Imaging Tool Captures How Sound Moves Through the Chinchilla Ear” Read



Oct 23, 2018: Optics.org “OCT vibrography reveals details of middle ear function” Read



July 23, 2019: IFL Science “Researchers put tiny lasers inside cancer cells” Read



July 22, 2019: MGH “Wavelength-encoded laser particles for massively multiplexed cell tagging” Read



Feb 1, 2021: Physics.Org “Tracking cells with omnidirectional visible laser particles” Read



Sept 30 , 2021: MGH Research Institute, Snapshot of Science features ”Miniaturizing Lasers for Biomedical Analysis and Single Cell Imaging” Read


Oct 8 , 2021: Harvard Medicine News ”High Risks, High Returns: Six HMS scientists receive NIH Director’s Awards” Read


Oct 5 , 2021: NIH Director’s Transformative Award announced Read